PLT-400 Full Carbon Fiber Mechatronic Quadrotor UAV

PLT-400 Quadrotor UAV is a mid-size multi-functional UAV. It's airframe is made of carbon fiber. The fuselage、top cap、arm、landing gear and motor bracket are all designed with structure of lightweight and high strength. We adopt direct-connect(detachable) structure in the arms’ making , so the ability of flight attitude is greatly improved. With PLT-400, you can load optical devices to realize functions of zoom、follow focus、photo taking and video recording. These make it available to fulfill missions like anti-terrorism、traffic planning、forest fire protection、 power line inspection and film aerial photography. PLT-400 is a multi-use quadrotor UAV according to the excellent cruise duration and wind resistance.

1.The more extensive load application-www.11jbs.com

Mount capability can meet customers’ demand for large loading ability, beyond the most equivalent load capacity and endurance.It is widely used in industries and fields of aerial video, aerial reconnaissance, counter-terrorism, forensics, geological survey, mapping and remote sensing, communications relay, environmental protection, meteorological observation, disaster survey, aerial survey and public security and fire prevention.

2.Exquisite carbon fiber processing technology

The carbon fiber technology of the full carbon fiber is different from most of the

process,most of the used materials are imported.Each component is handcrafted,its

advantage is to ensure the maximum strength and attractive appearance,while lighter

weight than most other processes.The weight of the classic quadrotor aircraft is only


3.Efficient and stable power system

28.6-inch full carbon fiber hollow paddle,customizable mute efficient brushless motor.The efficiency reaches the top level of domestic UAV power system.Each paddle and motor are elaborately adjusted and tested,to give you a safe,reliable and comfortable flight status.

4.Reliable unmanned flight controller

PLT-400 unmanned flight controller was developed after a lot of practice flying,the security performance is very reliable.The GPS satellite navigation and fast navigation speed reflect its powerful function.The quantity of the stars can be searched more than 18 in open area. The controller supports the conventional functions such as OSD,brushless PTZ,ground station etc.Moreover,the aircraft is equipped with black box,multi-functional.



Configuration parameters

Maximum take-off weight8KG
Standard load2KG
Maximum load3KG
Cruising Speed3 ~ 8m/s Adjustable
Maximum wind resistance8m/s
Altitude ceiling5000m
Flight radius5KM
Communication distance5KM
Climbing rate5m/s
Idling loiter time40 ~ 70minutes
Take-off and landingVertical take-off and landing
Operating temperature-20℃~ +50℃
Dimension(mm)Length1800*Width1800* Height 485
Wheel Base (mm)1100
Package Size(mm)760*550*450
Rotor-wing Size28.6 inches full carbon fiber hollow paddle

1.LY8108-110KV-175KV Customizable exterior rotor brushless motor 2.LY8115-100KV-150KV Customizable exterior rotor brushless motor

Arm structureDetachable
Power battery6S1P * 2 * 16000mAH
SwatchesEuropean standard swatches(customization)