UPX-23L Plant Protection Hexacopter

UPX-23L is a hexacopter designed for plant protection. Based on long-term market research and plant protection practices, UPX-23L is a cost efficient product meets the requirements of spraying. The features are as following:

I)Made from high-strength carbon fiber materials, the body frame is much lighter yet more durable. The powerful propulsion system provides speed and power. The quick disassembly makes it easy to carry.

II) Coodinate with renowned company in autopilot research and development. The autopilot is easy to use and strong in GPS navigation.

1.Automatic take-off and landing

2.Automatic flying according to the set routes

3.Adjust flying altitude according to the plant

4.Dosage detection

5.Records the coordinate automatically and resume from the last point in its memory. 6.One ground station for several hexacopters

7.Automatic obstacle avoidance

8.Dosage and speed display

III)Up to 7m spray width. The improved flying efficiency and minimized loiter time succssfully reduce the flying cost. The imported nozzles make the spraying accurate and optimize the atomization.-7138.com

IV)The efficiency is much higher compared to the same products on the market. The payload is 18 to 23 kilometers filling with pesticide. 40 liters of pesticide are sprayed for each battery pack. An aera of 10,000mu can be coverd in an hour.

V)The UP100 is already tested in spraying. Its safety and reliability is based on a large amount of tests.-博狗集团2017.com

VII)Our reliable after-sales service is based on our professional R&D team and the feedback and suggestions from customers.



Configuration parameters
Speed0-15m/s adjustable
Flight height0-1000m adjustable
Flight distance1000m
Diagonal distance163cm
Propeller28 inch efficienct carbon fiber propeller
Flight time7 to 40 minutes(according to the payload)
Hexacopter weight14KG
Weight with max payload40KG
Max wind speed resistanceStrong breeze(13.8m/s)
Max payload18 to 23kg
AutopilotUP-X(Industrial plant protection autopilot)
Nozzle quantity7 to 9
Spray width6 to 7m
Spray efficiency20 mu/10min,40 mu/each battery pack
Operating temperature-20 to 40°C
Motor/Electro nic goernor/High voltage/Efficient/Waterproof