UP40 Autopilot
  • Fully optimized for low-end users,the structure is more compact,and prices are more competitive              -36669.com

  • Integrated 3-axis MEMS accelerometer,Rate gyro,GPS,Airspeed sensors,Digital barometric altimeter

  • Wide supply voltage range  

  • Relative to the UP30 series, the volume weight is further reduced, more compact structure,more suitable for the requirements of small electric UAV          Integrated standard servo faucet, more convenient to be used-www.a0000.com

  • Parachute control                

  • V-tail,Flying Wing and Flaperon Mixed Control Mode                            

  • Instant Air Route Mode   

  • Along Flight Mode              -0638.com

  • 24 Installation Directions

  • Joystick Control                

  • Roll Angle&Pitch Angle    

  • GPS Positioning Protection



Configuration parameters