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Gorgeous family near space flight test

Gorgeous family near space flight test-www.a0000.com-澳门太阳集团2007

China Securities Journal reporter at the scene learned that this is the first time in the world to have sustained power, controlled flight, the ability to repeat the use of near space airship flight, but also the world's first business and individual users to provide business services. The flight is equipped with the customer's broadband communications, data relay, HD observation, space imaging and air situation awareness system. According to the monitoring data of field instruments feedback, "dream" has risen to a specified height of 20 kilometers.

Beijing Science and Technology Co., Ltd. Nanjiang Aerospace wish Ming of China Securities News reporter said, the flight to solar energy and storage to battery as a driving force, to ensure the carrying load of effective power supply; at the same time airship equipped with 3 sets of six dimensional motor, to ensure that the airship in empty and flight; setting of the capsule body pressure control system and avionics system, to ensure the blimp repeated use.

Near space airship using solar energy cycle energy and sustainable power, can last a long stay at 20 kilometers above the stratosphere space, can independently and remote control off, landing, and cruise, can be equipped with detection, communication, navigation and other tasks load. Industry insiders said, near space airship application potential, the relevant technology of the performance indicators have been initially meet the needs of the space near the airship.

Near space airship research in China started in the "fifteen" period, many universities and research units, enterprises to participate in the program demonstration, feasibility studies and key technology research. Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, CETC 38, Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of optoelectronics, aviation special flight, aerospace science and industry group, aerospace science and technology [0.00% funding research report] group, Shenzhen KPS and other units are engaged in the research work related to the near space airship.