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The parts of the plane that fell from the sky.

The parts of the plane that fell from the sky.-21320011.com-澳门太阳赌城2007703

October 20th Europe's wing aircraft A330-200 at the Cologne Airport 14L runway takeoff, the left engine of the aircraft left off the engine, falling off the runway 1/3 place. The crew did not know, continue to fly, two hours after the safe landing in Parma, ma. Detailed

October 14, Chilean Sky Aviation Aircraft Airbus A319-100 aircraft in Santiago, the capital airport climb, left types of CFM56 engine cowling was torn off.

July 28 days of the United States West Airlines plane crj-200 aircraft after takeoff from Milwaukee Airport, off the engine cowling, then return the aircraft. The aircraft took off shortly after the crew reported that the engine was found to stop climbing and returned to the airport. The safe landing taxiing aircraft right engine fairing was found to have been lost.

July 14, British Aviation Accident Investigation Bureau (aaib) published two years ago, British Airways aircraft engine hood falling incident investigation report. May 24, 2013, British Airways flight BA762 (A319) in London after takeoff two engine cover are damaged, the right to fire. Two tired of maintenance for the nightly maintenance misidentified aircraft, resulting in the plane in two engine cover unlocked took off.